The Weekly Seven 11.3.17

OHHHHH S-WORD. My former blogger identity is absolutely SPINNING in his grave. But I mean, blogging is so hot right now, right? Isn’t that correct? I’m sure that’s right. So this feels like the perfect time to resurrect my blog.

What can I say. I’ve missed this. I’ve missed us. I’ve missed unrepentantly crop-dusting the internet with my super hot ALL CAPS TAKES.

If you are new to me, I used to blog back in the halcyon days of popular culture. Back then, Shia LaBeouf was pretty normal, LOST hadn’t jumped the shark yet and Hollywood was a place that made movies and TV shows instead of being a craven sexual dystopia where creepy men tried to finesse their sexuality onto non-consenting others.

I don’t know guys, because other than that, the societal and cultural landscape seems to be in a pretty chill place so I wanted to regurgitate my hat into the blogging ring. WHAT COULD GO WRONG.

Below is the initial foray of this effort. It will be a recurring, weekly post full of curated content and hopefully it will have good recommendations that you so thoroughly enjoy, that your consumption of them will be one of your last memories as you shuffle off your mortal coil and enter into eternity.  Happy Friday.

1.This oral history of Jeff Goldblum from GQ. When people speak about him this reverentially, it makes him sound like some kind of gonzo, New Age Willy Wonka. Now that I think about it, I would super be on board for a Willy Wonka reboot starring Goldblum as a New Age Wonka. Tell me you would not see this movie.

2. This trailer for I Tonya. I love Margot Robbie in general, but I love her even more for taking on the role of Tonya Harding and respectably heightening the trailer park aesthetic informing the character. Like cowbell, movies could always use more trailer parks.

3. This personal mantra manifested into jewelry:

4. This completely serious question about whether or not Nick Saban is appropriately compensated at $11 million a year. Put another way, would you rather have three Butch Joneses or one Nick Saban? Three Butch Joneses would be like releasing the Demi-Dogs from Stranger Things S2 on your football college program. One is bad, but three could reach new heights of calamity never before seen.

5. This takedown of memories. BIG NOSTALGIA must be absolutely reeling right now.

6. This complete insanity of a story about how the Golden State Warriors offense was created: The Charcuterie Board That Revolutionized Basketball

7. This song on repeat all week: Annie by JohnnySwim

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  1. Mary B. November 16, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    You are 100% right… that ITonya trailer is EVERYTHING!!

    PS: SO glad you are back in the Blogoshere… if that is even still a thing…


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