The Weekly Seven 11.10.17

1.Matt Damon’s Limitations Are Catching Up With Him: I gotta be honest, I’ve read this twice now and I can’t tell if I think it’s a stretch and broadly unfair OR if I just want to like Matt Damon the movie star and refuse to scrutinize him like I should because of that. Regardless, it’s a great look at Damon, how he’s leveraged his influence capital and how he’s floundered in the ever-evolving culture we live in today.

2. How LeBron Shaped The Modern NBA: I missed this read a couple of weeks ago but loved it. HOT TAKE: I don’t think LeBron gets enough credit. HOTTEREST TAKE: He’s better than MJ.

3. The Louis CK stuff. The Matthew Weiner stuff. The Ed Westwick stuff. The Roy Moore stuff. Speaking of which…

4. I really enjoyed doing a Creeper Draft in this week’s Popcast episode. I love drafts in general, but getting to project which suspected dirtbag will actually become a dirtbag? I don’t really know what “self-actualization” means but this feels like whatever that is.

And a quick inside baseball on the episode, we received a very small tinge of bad feedback on the episode, but I stand by it. I actually kind of wished we’d gone harder after some people with legit accusations attached to them, which to me was kind of the point of the episode.

All these people getting outed share a few things: they are men, they are white, and they are powerful. They’ve all gotten the benefit of the doubt and they’ve been emboldened by how the power structure they exist within makes it almost impossible for someone to report them without it being professional suicide.

But if you are a person of color and there is any hazy notion of anything untoward or if you are Katie Heigl and word leaks that you *might* be a strong personality on movie sets, those things smear you forever. So all that said, I don’t feel bad projecting what other creepers might be lurking out there and how Winnie the Pooh is a psycho.

5. Everyone knows this is the correct sneezing form now, right? Responsible AND stylish.

6. Something Is Wrong With The Internet: If you let your kids (especially your younger ones) watch Youtube, do not skip this one. We’ve allowed our youngest to watch Youtube in our presence and reading this made me feel like the worst parent ever.

7. Game Night Trailer

COACH! LANDRY! BATEMAN! REGINA GEORGE! BERNARD FROM WESTWORLD. Sure, this movie smells like (takes a big, contemplative sniff) 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, but I’m into it. The heart wants what it wants, guys.


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  1. Elisabeth Allen November 10, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Absolutely love the Popcast and so glad you resurrected your blog for more wonderful content. I want to see an extremely ranty guest post by Jamie next!


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