The Weekly Seven 11.17.17

+ This read about what happens if China makes first contact. 

+ This read about Snopes and searching for facts in a post-truth world

+ With Jerry Jones in a one-man showdown with the NFL owners and Roger Goodell, I thought this insane story about how Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson fell out would be appropriate. Basically, the moral of the story is that when a drunk billionaire wants to make a toast, just let him make the toast.

+ This fascinating look at how white evangelicals are suddenly getting more chill about aligning themselves with candidates with shades of immorality.

PURELY hypothetical: it would be like living in Alabama and deciding to cast your vote for a prolific dirtbag sexualizer of teenage girls. 

And look, I don’t care what your political affiliation is. They all suck and are all more concerned with re-election than any issue imperative to your life. BUT, as a society, we HAVE to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards creepers. ALL CREEPERS LEFT BEHIND. If you get weird and sexual with teenage girls, you gotsta go. FULLEST OF STOPS.

That’s not a political agenda, that’s not spiritual warfare, that’s just the trash getting taken out, and in this hypothetical, that trash should be RoyMoorestiltskin.

+ This birthday present to Jimmy Kimmel from JJ Abrams.

+ This trailer for A Quiet Place with Emily and Jim Blunt. OH MAN, I super want to see this movie but then again, I very much do NOT want to be stressed out by this movie. Looks MEGA clever though.

+ This Pro Bowl throwback to when Sean Taylor killed a man. SAFETY ON PUNTER SMACK-TION!

Sean Taylor was a beast. 💪 (via @thecheckdown)

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