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Why Are You Blogging Again And Who Even Cares

Ugh. I know. I hate when people do this. When they feel the need to explain something that people mostly don’t care about. You’re probably reading this (if your interest hasn’t already bottomed out harder than the Scarlett storyline on Nashville) and being like “The reason for your not blogging occupied about 0.0000000002 of my thought process. True story.”

First, 0.00000000002 is better than 0.00000000001 so I thank you for that. Secondly, I think this is just something people who like writing feel that they have to address for continuity purposes.

So on to the questions:

+ Why are you blogging again?

Because I like it and have missed it. Also because it’s something that I realize I need to do more in order to exercise a certain kind of writing muscle. (omg didn’t that sound super-pretentious just now? Hold on, let me get my manual typewriter to finish off this descent into douchery.)

+ What kind of writing muscle do you speak of?

Writing consistently. Maintaining a voice.

+ Is this whole thing going to be pretentious or will that be the last instance?

I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst, honestly. It’s just, when you are writing things for other people or for videos, it’s hard to keep a voice. Before you know it, you’re like John Travolta trying to read a basic human name and it’s just not happening.

+ What can someone who visits this blog expect?

I have no idea. Probably some venting about pop culture stuff. Definitely some links to The Popcast and other things I’m in the process of doing.

+ What’s changed for you since you blogged last?

I have another kid. I was hired to be the Lead Writer for SkitGuys.com. I’ve mostly given up cokes. I’m working with an agent on a book idea I’ve pitched. I’ve come around on broccoli. I figured out how to use a whole punch without all the little paper circles falling out everywhere.

+ Anything else?

Not really. Just hoping to not be the weird guy in the corner of the internet that people try to avoid.

+ (Awkwardly clears throat and tries to avoid eye contact)

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