The Monday Morning Meatloaf 6.9.13


Why do so many churches have first in their names?

The last movie star…

How to tell someone’s age when all you know is their name…

How to handle the fear of missing out…

The most common causes of death in each state…










Fairy Tales, Myths and Kristen Stewart








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A Father’s Day Video Thing

So I wrote this video for and we’re selling it for this upcoming Father’s Day. Watch it and then spend a billion dollars buying them. NOTE: if you don’t have a billion dollars to spend, feel free to just watch it, but it’s like why don’t you have more billions of dollars?

Fairy Tales, Myths and Kristen Stewart

It’s a new Popcast episode and in this one, Jamie and I discuss the idea of turning Fairy Tales into modern content, what other stories or myths are ripe for revisiting and whether or not Kristen Stewart and Zac Efron are the same people. But we also talk about some other stuff.

Stuff like…

+ Those terrible, awful transcendently awkward DirecTV puppet commericals…

+ This excellent memoir: Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel

+ John Oliver’s rant on Net Neutrality

+ Celebrity Commencement Speeches

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A Conversation About All Things Music

Jamie and I just released a new episode of The Popcast  where we talk about all things music.


Stuff like…

+ Who will own the summer music scene?

+ What are the all-time favorite summer songs?

+ Why do we listen to the specific music we listen to?

+ If Miley Cyrus never existed who would have gone crude and insane in her place?

Personally, one of my all-time favorite summer songs is “Steal My Sunshine” by Len, but that’s me. What’s yours?

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The Bachelorette Preview: Meet The Guys

In this very special episode of The Popcast, Jamie and I preview this upcoming season of The Bachelorette. In it, we discuss all the different guys and who are the contenders, who are the pretenders, what their favorite movies really mean and why ABC included their shoe sizes in the bios.

If you want to see the guys we are discussing to following along, click this link and click through each of their bios. Or don’t and just let our rude observations be your soul’s spirit guide in this quest to understand who will be pursuing Andi’s love this season on The Bachelorette. FOR LOVE.

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Pop Culture and Datedness: What Defines a “Dated” Show?

In this episode of the Popcast, Jamie and I discuss the idea of pop culture and datedness thanks to an awesome listener question from Reid Patton and then lots of other stuff…

+ Solange Attacks Jay-Z as the Zapruder film of our generation…

+ My working theory on how Zack Morris and Don Draper are basically the same…

+ How Full House probably wouldn’t work today…

+ Amy Schumer’s video “Compliments” (language, you guys)

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